Below is the original sales letter for Dan Kennedy's Wealth Attraction Seminar.

This same set of CDs or DVDs sells on other sites for up to $599.00

WARNING: This could be the most important information you will ever read about wealth attraction and creating gigantic financial breakthroughs nearly overnight

Discover The Little-Known (and never talked about) Success Philosophies, Beliefs, Thinking And Personal Behaviors That Allow Millionaire and Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs To Attract Maximum Money and Create Maximum Wealth in Record Time

If You Could Change Just A Few Things You Think, Change A Few Things About The Way You Do Business - - - Just A Few - - -
And Suddenly Experience A Lifting Of Stress, Struggle, Anxiety, Frustration And Uncertainty Accompanied By A Much-Multiplied Influx of Cash, A Much-Multiplied Influence With Others, An Accelerated Accomplishment of Your Goals Would You Want To At Least Experiment With Those Changes?


Dear Friend:

This letter is your Invitation to get the At-Home Version of the one-time-only WEALTH SEMINAR that I recently conducted, on Audio CD's and DVD. And there are reasons you should do that, and do it now, and then invest a serious amount of time with these materials, that transcend the work I’m typically know for.

Yes, this IS a ‘sales letter’, and in this letter, I want to do my level best to convince you to take this action.

Here are the things that you must agree are true:

ONE: You are exposed to truly NEW and different ideas and information

TWO: You are made uncomfortable and forced to confront issues you typically never think about

THREE: You wind up with a different understanding of what being “entrepreneurial” is all about

FOUR: You are affected on an emotional, not just an intellectual level

FIVE: You select very specific actions to take, changes to make, strategies to try

SIX: I reveal to you a profound, important Truth about a severe flaw that exits in the vast majority of business, undoubtedly including yours, that you will choose to make fixing a top priority

SEVEN: You want to keep these CD's to return to periodically

EIGHT: You want to share them with a son or daughter or close associate

NINE: You think they were under-priced

If any of those nine statements are judged untrue by you, after going through the entire At-Home Seminar at least once, and you want to return it, you may do so for full refund.

Now, let’s be clear. I am NOT promising you won’t be offended. You may be. I am NOT promising you won’t vehemently disagree with things I say. You probably will. I am NOT promising you the most enjoyable seminar experience of your life. I doubt this is it.

What I am promising is a very different kind of information that you will wind up agreeing is very important and worthy of a lot of continued thinking on your part. That the above nine statements are true and inarguable.

"My Name is Ryan Deiss, I'm an online marketer, and I also sell marketing materials to financial services niche... The Dan Kennedy product that has had the biggest impact on me and my business is the Wealth Attraction Seminar..."

How The Seminar Was Structured

During the first half of the day, we dealt with the philosophy, concepts, principles, the thinking and the emotions involved with money, wealth and success. Without confronting these, most practical, strategic advice is nearly valueless.

During the second half of the day we switched to more practical, strategic things to do. Item #’s 29 and 30, for example, are alone worth far more than the price of admission. When talking about #29 and #30, I peel back the hide of all businesses and expose the vulnerable weakness, the ailment in most, that guarantees the owners cannot achieve both the monetary success and the lifestyle and peace of mind they would like. This is the flaw that forces people to trade one for the other.

What - Exactly - Will You Hear?

Follows is a list of the key points I discussed during the day, that you will find referenced in your Manual, and hear on the CD's, and I would urge you to take a slow, careful, thorough look at this list of 31 potentially life-changing items. There is some value to be had solely by studying the list! - even if you never go through the seminar. But beyond that, try thinking of this as a “quiz” or “test” of your own wealth attraction knowledge; ask yourself how many of these you are certain you know the answer to.


  1. Twelve Mental & Emotional Positions That Enable And Empower Your Subconscious To Most Readily Attract Wealth

  2. How To Liberate Yourself From THE Emotion That Stands Solidly In The Way Of The Attraction Of Wealth For More People Than Any Other Obstacle

  3. The Fallacy Of “Re-Distribution Of Wealth”, Explained By Andrew Carnegie

  4. Considering The Separation Of Money From Morality and Understanding Why So Many Good, Decent, Hard-Working People Are Poor

  5. The Seven Major Fears That Block Wealth Attraction

  6. How You Were Programmed By “What You Heard At The Top Of The Stairs” To Think About Money

  7. How Entrepreneurs Who Easily Attract Large Amounts of Money Have A Different Language Than Everybody Else - How You Can Speak Wealth Into Your Life

  8. The Secret To ACCELERATION: How To Speed Up The Achievement Of Any Goal Or The Attraction Of Wealth

  9. The “Big Lie” Of Positive Thinking Or Positive Expectancy

  10. How To Use The 2-Step Mechanical Process Taught By Foster Hibbard To Automatically Create A Powerful Prosperity Consciousness For Yourself

  11. How To Re-Engineer Your Work Environment To Support Wealth Attraction

  12. Eleven Types Of “Wealth Killer” People To Avoid Association With

  13. The Single Most Important Philosophical Belief Privately Shared By All Wealth Entrepreneurs - And The Tremendous Operational Advantage It Provides

  14. Understanding What Makes Money Move

  15. The Ten Ways To Get Money

  16. The Four Types Of Entrepreneurial Activity That Most Readily Produce Wealth - How many of these are built into your business?

  17. The Ten Reasons One Person Hands Money Over To Another

  18. Sixteen Very Practical Strategies For Creating More Wealth

  19. Kennedy’s Most Simplified 2-Step Explanation For All Wealth: Two Things To Base Every You Do On

  20. The Two Most Important Pieces of Advice About “Being Of Service”

  21. The Most Important Yet Hardly Ever Mentioned Difference Between Wealthy People And Poor People: As A Practical Matter, You Must Revise All Your Business Procedures To Be On The Right Side Of This Distinction

  22. The Giant Myth About ‘Counting Your Money while Sitting At The Table’

  23. The Vital Importance Of Escaping Exchange Of Time For Money

  24. Avoiding Invention, Profiting From Imagination

  25. Six Factors That Artificially Suppress “Price” And Hold Your Hostage

  26. An Eye-Popping Demonstration Of The Critical Importance Of One Math Decision Every Business Owner Must Make - and a powerful business plan condensed to one page

  27. Ten Limiting Ideas Too Many Business Owners Cling To

  28. Riches In Niches

  29. THE SECRET That Explains All Wealth - readily visible yet unobserved

  30. THE MAJOR FLAW in 95% of all business that, if fixed, opens the floodgates to wealth attraction

  31. The Twelve Riches Of Life

"Hi, My Name is Perry Marshall, and I'm a marketing consultant... some specific products that have been helpful to me, the Wealth Attraction Seminar..."


Why Is A Marketing-Oriented Pragmatist
Talking About “Wealth Attraction Philosophy”?

To set the record straight: about half this Seminar is hard-as-rocks pragmatism.

But to also answer the question, there are a couple of good reasons.

Imagine that you are the offensive coordinator of an NFL team. For those who don’t follow the sport, there is a head coach (CEO) and two coordinators, one for offense (marketing), one for defense (accounting). The offensive coordinator controls the game while his team has possession of the ball and is attempting to move down the field to score points. Let us assume you are in severe disagreement with the head coach over the game plan. You disagree with his philosophy of coaching. You are unhappy with the players who’ve been selected to play on offense. He wants a “run ‘n shoot” type of offensive, you believe in “3 yards ‘n a cloud of dust.” But you must implement his game plan. How effective are you going to be?

Not very.

But this is the exact position many entrepreneurs wind up with. Their subconscious system is actually in conflict with their conscious system. The conscious is making plans, setting goals, giving directives to a subconscious in severe discord. How effective is the subconscious going to be?

My friend, the late Jim Newman, author of a very good book you should read titled ‘Release Your Brakes’ talked about this in terms of driving down the road with one foot on the gas, the other riding the brake, and the emergency brake still on. I occasionally make this mistake. I rarely use my emergency brake, so when I do park on a hill and use it, I’ll forget to disengage it and be driving down the road wondering why the car seems so sluggish.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’, talked about in terms of our inability to out-perform our self-image. But not many authors or teachers ever make the direct link for you between this internal system conflict and the money part of your life.

So when I provide people with a “marketing game plan” and powerful tools, and entrepreneurial skills and strategies, many of them wind up being the offensive coordinator emotionally unable to implement the head coach’s program.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to give this unusual seminar once, and get it on tape.

The other is the amazing potential that exists to lift someone’s income and financial success purely and solely by lifting certain barriers from their thinking. Frankly, you can’t do that with the stuff I usually teach - it requires people to do things, to implement, to alter the way they conduct business. But you can actually alter nothing but the way you think and feel about money and see some direct, almost immediate improvements in your financial reality. It is as close to authentic magic as anybody can get. It’s kind of a kick to wake people up to this and watch what happens. I’m already getting some mind-blowing reports from those who were at the seminar.

Regrettably many of these letters cannot be published or shared, because they not only deal with money results but with other, profoundly personal matters. A man writing to me about coming to grips with his horrible childhood of poverty and abuse for the first time. Another about a dramatic realization about his self-sabotage. And so forth.

Anyway, you can rest assured I haven’t gone soft on you. I’m very much into practical strategy and real, measurable results, into keeping score in dollars.

Why Should You Bring This Seminar Into Your Home Now?

There’s a practical reason. You’ll save $200.00 by ordering before July 10, 2008 . After that date, your ‘thank you’ discount is erased, and all At-Home Seminars will be sold at full price.

But saving $200.00 is not nearly as important as the fact that each day that goes by in which you unnecessarily try driving fast toward wealth with the brakes on takes a price right out of you being. It is very wearing to struggle, especially when you are unknowingly struggling against yourself!

Why wait any length of time at all to discover opportunities to make your pursuit of your goals easier and less stressful? - actually to replace “pursuit” with “attraction.”

Why Hear This From ME?

Bluntly, because I probably have a lot of things you’d like to have.

Admittedly, there are some “skill sets” that I lack, some subjects about which I may be the last person on earth you should get advice from. Given that my life is something of an open book, some of these are no secrets. That’s okay, I believe in lifelong learning. However. . . . .

. . . . .when it comes to attracting gobs and gobs and gobs of money, on my terms, without compromise, I’m a world-class expert!

I would quickly remind you of a few things worthy of envy, or, better, respect:

I am a high school graduate, not a day of college. I started in adult life without a nickel of inheritance or family financial wherewithal. I am only 49 years old. If I choose, I need not work another day for money. This is a position of enormous independence. It enables me to do only what genuinely interests me, work only with people I like, and say no to many situations that are financially tempting but would interfere with my lifestyle preferences. Ironically (although not surprisingly), the less interested I am in working, the more really attractive opportunities come my way and the more demand there is for my services.

At the end of 2000, I walked away from over a million dollars a year in gross revenue from one source. I have radically altered my business three times in five years to better suit my personal preferences, and will soon do so again.

I am captive to no one; no cell phone, no e-mail, no set time in the office. I am beholden to no one; I am debt free. I am able to indulge myself; as you know, for example, I own nearly 20 racehorses and broodmares in four states, and devote quite a bit of time to this, and arrange my business schedule so as not to interfere with this activity. I have multiple streams of continuing income in place, but I also have the knowledge and ability to quite literally make money at will, virtually out of thin air.

Now we may differ greatly in the specifics of our financial objectives, our “enough is enough” number, our ambitions, our lifestyle preferences, but I think you’ll agree, you want the overall position that I’ve created for myself. By that I mean, the unmitigated INDEPENDENCE.

It has come from two primary sources, both the result of very serious, committed, intense, expensive and continuing study: first, marketing; the science and ability of persuading people to trade their money for what I offer. And obviously, you and I have hours and hours and hours and days, weeks, months and pages and pages and pages invested in discussing what I know about this.

Second, the matrix of thought, belief, philosophy and behavior that makes pursuit of money unnecessary and instead magnetically attracts it. We have spent comparatively little time discussing this. For the most part, I’ve kept what I know about this and what I do, the rituals I follow in this area, private. Oh, I’ve “leaked” little bits and pieces here and there, but I’ve never actually laid it out for you from A to Z, as I do marketing systems and strategies.

For the first time, in this seminar, I tackled this. It’s now yours for the asking. Quite simply, if you do want the position I’ve created for myself, then you must get this At-Home Seminar. You can only justify NOT getting the Seminar if you can honestly say you have no interest in the position I can teach you to create. Or you already have done so or surpassed it, and of course, I know many of you reading this have. (Many of my successful Insider's Circle members were at the seminar and have already snatched up the At-Home Seminar, because it is axiomatic that those who NEED least acquire this kind of information most.)

Where Did This Information Come From?

I did NOT get it from a magical meeting in a misty forest with a Merlin.

For those of you who are students of copywriting, I’m sorry to day, there’s no “Blackie story” here.

To begin with, I was very fortunate in my earliest education to have three things occur: First, as a young child, my family was very affluent if not outright rich, my parents very successful in business; beginning with my teen years, my family was very, very, very broke. This dichotomy of experience was interesting in and of itself, but it forced me to be entrepreneurial and to make money. Second, it prevented me from going to college, which I had the grade point average, smarts and ambition to do, so it saved me from a detour into a dead-end. Third, I met my first mentor with millionaire-entrepreneur experience and mindset when barely out of high school.

In short, I had the advantage of a good start, and never got my head too far up my butt. Many people have to go through years of head-from-butt extraction before they can even get started with the kind of thinking that can attract wealth.

Next, because I developed the skill of selling via the written word, I was in great demand by people far richer, otherwise smarter and more successful than I was. I got my first fee check from an entrepreneur who had created a multi-million dollar a year business for himself from scratch when I was 19. I got my first bank loan, for $50,000.00, from the founder and owner of a small town bank, himself worth millions, when I was 20. (The hour long lunch with him was worth more than $50,000.00.)

Over the years, I have worked closely and, in many cases, continuously with well over 200 different entrepreneurs who’ve created giant successes from scratch and became millionaires and multi-millionaires through entrepreneurial activity. 30 or 40 of them have crashed and burned and I’ve seen that up close, too. Several have screwed up so badly they’ve gone to prison or keeled over with heart attacks at young ages and I’ve seen that up close too.

Some have built huge enterprises - one that comes to mind, a client of more than 10 years, was at 10-million the first year I worked with him, this year 800-million, next year his company’ll top One BILLION Dollars in sales. Again, thanks to my particular skills which are of enormous value to those who know how to leverage them, I’ve spent more than 25 years surrounded by, working with, hanging out with people who attract and create wealth. I have made a point of being observant.

I once met a woman who worked as a maid for the CEO of a very large, public corporation, the name of which you would know. She told me, confidentially, that in one more year she would finish putting her three sons through Ivy League colleges and was going to retire to the house in Italy she’d bought and owned free and clear, and live off the interest from the several million dollars she’d accumulated. “I listened while I dusted,” she said.

I’ve basically done the same thing.

I’ve also had quite a bit of “expensive experience” of my own. I’ve crashed, burned, emerged from the ashes, started over, succeeded. I’ve built, bought, sold companies, been in good and bad partnerships, made huge sums of money in a hurry, been flat broke, spent a ton of time cutting loose emotional baggage and struggling to get the thinking right. I’ve done a ton of stupid things but enough smart things, and I know the difference.

Anyway, through a combination of observation opportunity afforded few people, and my own experience, and intense study, I’ve figured out the key beliefs that must be held, in order to easily attract as much wealth as you want. I wouldn’t claim to have it all figured out. I’m happy to continue being surrounded by the kind of people I can learn more about this from, and keep fine-tuning my own system. For example, right now, I’m being paid, quite well, to review the yet unpublished book manuscript of a fellow who went from flat broke to quickly developing a company he recently sold for 20-million dollars, and being paid, quite well, to study all the materials of a retired police officer who built up a $500,000.00 a year cash income, part-time, flipping real estate. While working for them, contributing my marketing know-how, I’m also listening while I’m dusting.

The sum total of all my observation, listening, study, experience and use of “wealth attraction know-how” to-date is in this Seminar.

What Is This Information Worth?

Again, if the position I’ve created for myself thanks to this information appeals to you, what would you cheerfully pay a magic genie to put you in that position tomorrow?

Guess what? Genie AIN’T coming.

Of all the stories I’ve heard told by all the speakers I’ve worked with, Glenn Turner’s story of childhood Christmas morning disappointment year after year, finally leading to his behind-the-barn epiphany that he had to be his own Santa Claus sticks in my mind and often comes to mind.

It is sadly a realization that a lot of people never come to.

The good news is, if you grasp that reality, the information in this Seminar can essentially make you a mega-powerful genie on steroids, capable of, and glad to grant you more than three wishes, at a rapid pace.

Earl Nightingale observed that many people seem to hit a time in their lives when they achieve and acquire more in a single year than in any previous decade. They shift into hyper-wealth-attraction mode. Why? How? Because they finally get themselves in sync with the beliefs required and essential for wealth attraction.

May I tell you, if you’ve not experienced it, it is FUN to get into this mode, to be in this “zone.” In some ways it is downright COMICAL, as money flows, heck, floods in. As Dr. Maltz promised, what was once difficult is ridiculously easy. Each day is rather astounding. It even becomes its own fascinating kind of problem - drinking from a firehose is a bit more challenging than sipping from a glass.

I’m hanging out now, working now, with quite a few people having this experience, including a number of my Gold+VIP and Platinum Members, past and present. Larry McIntyre, Dennis Tubbergen, Jerry Jones, Dr. Tom Orent are just four who instantly come to mind.

For many, it never happens until their 50's, 60's, even 70's. Napoleon Hill attributed this to something he called “sex transmutation”, and there’s some validity to his theory. But there’s more to it. Another reason so many hit this so late in life is they are never exposed to the necessary beliefs and understanding early enough, or they have to use up years “deprogramming” themselves before there’s any space for this information. I’m very grateful for the way timing worked out for me. It’s never too late, of course. “Colonel Sanders” comes to mind, hitting his stride at 70. Regardless of where you are, you CAN quickly get into this hyper-wealth-attraction mode. I believe what I cover in this Seminar can assist you in doing so. Now, not later.

So, what is THAT worth?

Frankly, I think I should demand $10,000.00 for this Seminar.

But as a practical matter, I know only a small number would easily be sold at that price. And I have no interest right now in taking on a difficult challenge. Nor am I greedy. Nor did I even need to do it at all. All that works in your favor.

For the moment, you can acquire the VIDEO (DVD) AND AUDIO CD's made from the Seminar for just $399.00. I intend to price them no less than $599.00 after this exclusive offer expires. By acting now, you save $200.00.

I have no idea how you react to that price - does it seem like a little or a lot to you?

I paid nearly that much for my copy of Earl Nightingale’s ‘Lead The Field’ and the Success Motivation Institute ‘Dynamics of Personal Achievement’, both used, in 1971. I still have both, by the way. Still occasionally listen to them. And as an aside, I’ll tell you what they each did for me at the time. Earl Nightingale gave me permission to think the way I was already thinking, but that appeared to be “weird” and totally out of sync with everybody around me. Certain things he said gave me permission for confidence to the point of arrogance and disdain for others, without requiring accomplishment yet on my part; only observation of everybody else’s incompetence and sloth. Paul Meyer’s SMI program gave me a logical process for organizing goals.

What neither of these courses did, however, was point me towards the ATTRACTION of wealth. They encouraged me to PURSUE IT.

And for many years, you could summarize my wealth program as simply out-studying, out-learning and, mostly, out-working everybody else.

It was much later I began understanding that there are more effective means than pure, unadulterated out-working the world.

For me, it’s a very difficult habit to keep under control.

Anyway, if this price feels like “too much” to you, I’d only ask that you question yourself about what, exactly, that means, and whether or not you are correct if rejecting this offer. If it means you can’t afford it, then you definitely need it. Desperately. Urgently.

In fact, you need to erase that from your thoughts and vocabulary altogether. There’s nothing the truly successful, success-minded can’t afford. Of course he makes reasoned, hopefully prudent, often frugal decisions about what to buy or not buy. But he decides; he isn’t controlled. In this case, if the price is actually a barrier, then you may very well need this Seminar in your hands more than any other person reading this letter. (By the way, I bought those first two courses from our family attorney, used, on payments.)

If it means you think a box of CD's ought to be cheaper, or you resent what you guess is my profit, then you are looking at this all wrong. You’re considering the wrong person - me instead of you. You’re focused on cost not worth, media not message. Maybe you can recall the true story of the management consultant Ivy Lee giving Andrew Carnegie’s steel plant manager one idea, “small” enough to deliver on a single sheet of paper, leaving price up to him, and then getting payment of $10,000.00 in the mail (when $10,000.00 was a small fortune.) Neither Carnegie or his top men would ever be accused of being loose with money! Yet they sent this guy $10,000.00 for an idea that fit on a sheet of notepaper. There are profound lessons there.

Well, that's as hard as I'm willing to work, to justify price. It occurs to me, were I doing this as a copywriting job for a client, I'd work at it harder. In this case, I leave it up to you, not so much out of laziness but out of a growing, strong preference to sift and sort my Members, and do more with those who “get it”, less with those who don’t.

Here's How to Get Your Copy Of
The Wealth Attraction Seminar

In order to get the Videos (DVD) for this specially discounted price you must order before July 10, 2008 .

If your order is placed after this expiration date, you will be charged at full price, after checking with you, or rejected, as you prefer.

And as an EXTRA BONUS with your investment in Wealth Attraction, you will receive a complete copy of the Seminar Manual, which includes the Overheads I showed on the screen during the day.

Now I counted 22 people present at this Seminar who could have stood up and taught it. I know for a fact each of these people is worth millions, and earns a very sizeable income, on their terms. All 22 also purchased CD's of this Seminar. A number of them were not at the prior days’ Alumni Summit either. They traveled from distant cities solely and specifically to attend this Seminar. There is a “closed loop” in their thinking and behavior and their success. If you understand it, you’ll be getting the At-Home Seminar.


Dan K

Dan S. Kennedy


P.S. If you’ve read Maxwell Maltz’s “Psycho-Cybernetics”, you are probably familiar with the discussion that we live and function inside two boxes; one, real limits, the other, self-imposed limits; the second a much smaller confining box than the former. Specific to wealth attraction., there are 14 major myths about money and success, that stunt individuals’ attraction of it. While few people are hampered by all 14, just about everybody is influenced by several. Identifying which of these 14 myths have been and are affecting you and then consciously and deliberately liberating yourself from them can yield almost instantaneous, gigantic breakthroughs in financial success. In a simplistic sense, this is about giving yourself philosophical, moral, emotional and psychological permission to act to attract maximum wealth.

P.P.S. Incidentally, you might want to get more than one set, at this discounted price. Possibly one as a graduation gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift.